Education remains a top priority in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.  The MAPS for Kids program, approved by voters in 2001, provided $700 million for schools.  Seven new schools were built as a result and 65 schools were renovated.  Additionally, policies were put into place that involved improved student achievement, re-established classroom discipline, increased accountability, and academic reforms.

Providing the best education and opportunities for your family, Oklahoma City Public Schools reported scores above the national average on the SAT.  Oklahoma students have also seen a significant increase in the ACT test scores.  The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, a school for juniors and seniors with exceptional ability in math and science located in OKC, received the highest composite ACT scores of any high school in the nation twice since 1998. 

The Southside is home to several excellent public and private schools including the Western Heights School System and Moore Public Schools. South OKC is also home to career/technology schools.  With the metro area being home to 18 colleges and universities as well as two community colleges, higher education options are only a short drive away.  There’s no doubt that Oklahoma City is committed to providing the best opportunities for education.

Check out the following to discover some of the best options for your family's education!

Public College

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Discover the educational opportunities in Living South and see why OKC is listed as one of the “100 Best Communities for Young People” by America’s Promise Alliance.

Have you decided where to attend college?  Now is the time to look at funding for your degree.  Check out the applications for Oklahoma's Promise funds for college/university.  Many different options of funding are available.


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